Cavalier Legal provides legal advice and services in the following fields:

Civil Dispute Resolution

Whether a small monetary claim, or significant dispute, Cavalier Legal provides fully-realised advice and services in relation to a range of Civil disputes in all jurisdictions. With a client-focused approach, Cavalier Legal will assist you in resolving your dispute and getting the best possible result in a strategic, efficient and seamless way.

Employment Law and Industrial Relations

Our experienced solicitors can provide comprehensive advice and legal services in relation to all aspects of Employment Law. We provide specialist advice and services to both Employees and Employers in relation to Employment Contracts, Policies and Procedures, Unfair Dismissals, Discrimination, Return to Work and Harassment issues.

Wills, Estates and Powers of Attorney

Cavalier Legal understands that estate planning can be a difficult and daunting exercise. We can ensure, by way of our friendly, understanding and realistic approach that your personal assets are distributed as per your wishes and intentions. We can also assist with Powers of Attorney, Advance Care Directives, administering estates and estate disputes. Cavalier Legal can also provide these services to clients with Italian speaking backgrounds.

Property Law

Cavalier Legal provides a range of comprehensive property law solutions whether related to sales and acquisitions, construction or leasing.

General Commercial Law

Cavalier Legal has extensive experience in a range of commercial law disputes and risk management issues. We can provide comprehensive advice and legal services relating to general commercial contracts, building and construction matters, advice on Insurance claims and policies as well as Trade Practice and Consumer Law issues.

Migration Law

Cavalier Legal understands that the visa application process can be very complicated. We have Man Tsui (MARN: 1801087) who is both a Solicitor and a registered migration agent who can assist you with your migration matter. If you would like to live or work in Australia, Cavalier Legal can assist with the visa application. If you have had your visa refused or cancelled, we can assist you with applying for a review at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Federal Court or through Ministerial Intervention. Cavalier Legal can also provide these services to clients with Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking backgrounds.

Our solicitors at Cavalier Legal have experience in advising in commercial law, property law, employment law, civil dispute resolution and wills and estate law. Please contact us if you need to know more or would like our advice.

For more information visit Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA Code of Conduct)

Chinese Version

在Cavalier Legal 律师事务所,我们明白澳大利亚的移民和签证过程有时候会很复杂,所以我们有徐雯律师(移民中介注册号码: 1801087)来协助您。若你想要在澳大利亚居住或工作,我们可以协助您的移民和签证申请。如果您的移民申请被拒绝了或签证被取消了,我们也可以为你在移民审查法庭或司法法庭上诉。我们善于用意大利语,华语和粤语来提供这些服务。

另外,Cavalier Legal 律师事物所的律师在于商业法、房地产法、劳资法、遗产法及民事诉讼法有着多年的经验。如果您想了解更多或要征求我们的意见,请联系我们。